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We honor a 120 - 180 day limited warranty for pool vac parts replaced or serviced during the initial service call or product purchase. In the case of a refurbished unit all internal parts are covered under our limited warranty. This warranty excludes external base parts that come into contact with the pool. See diagram of included parts.
Terms, Conditions, and Limited Warranty Policy

Parts and labor provided by Pool Vac Repair to repair pool vac equipment are warranted for a period of 120 - 180 days from the date the service or purchase was completed. This warranty is limited to the parts as listed on the original repair order held in the offices of Longacre Enterprises, LLC and are subject to the diagram of included warranty parts. If a warranted part provided by Pool Vac Repair fails within the warranty period, our sole responsibility shall be to replace the warranted part. If additional parts are required to repair the pool vac, the customer will be charged and agrees to pay for those additional parts. Labor will be provided at no additional charge under this warranty.

This limited warranty does not extend to other portions of the equipment which were not serviced except in the case of a refurbished unit, nor does it apply to other defects that may occur during the guarantee period that were not part of the original service issue. The customer has no other rights as part of this limited warranty. Regardless of the cause of any equipment failure occurring within our warranty period, the customer will not be reimbursed for and agrees not to hold Longacre Enterprises, LLC - (DBA) - Pool Vac Repair, responsible for: an election by the customer to have additional parts and/or service provided by another repair facility or repair operator; any personal or professional losses resulting from damage to related equipment regardless of the monetary and/or personal value. If warranty service of the repaired equipment becomes necessary, our warranty period will not restart; the warranty period from the original repair shall be the only one in effect. This warranty is void if anyone other than Pool Vac Repair or its approved associates perform repair activities after it has been serviced or repaired by Pool Vac Repair.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Repaired Customer Owned - 180 days - Parts & Labor

Purchased Repaired Unit - 120 days

Purchased Refurbished Unit - 180 days
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